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8 Insider Tips on How to Be Runway Fabulous without Runway ...

By Angeli

Even in a fashion crazed metropolis like New York City, where models, socialites, and wealthy financiers party at the most fabulous of night clubs; dressing in fashions seen on the runway and in magazines is sometimes just not practical.** Meet Tatyana Danilchenko**, a super model in her own right, she has appeared in numerous Old Navy commercials, modeled for top designers, and was featured in an Ugly Betty episode. I managed to catch up with the traveling beauty and get the inside scoop on ways even you can go from runway to real life. Her responses may surprise you as she believes that the secret to runway fashion is STYLE… she encourages women to find, create, and own their individual sense of style. “Style is developed,” she says. “The more you surround yourself in fashion, the more confident you will become in your clothing choices. You will develop a taste of what you like, what makes you feel good, what makes you look good...”

Table of contents:

  1. what is the biggest fashion faux pas?
  2. how can women fix that?
  3. how can busy women stay fashionably practical?
  4. what runway styles do you keep? and which ones do you ditch?
  5. what is your typical shopping experience?
  6. where does tatyana shop?
  7. how can women create a balance between her own style and being runway fabulous?
  8. do you feel pressure in having to be fashionable/runway perfect?

1 What is the Biggest Fashion Faux Pas?

Tatyana: What bothers me most is when women feel the need to buy an entire collection from a store and wear it all at the same time… that is not style, that definitely is a fashion faux-pas. Style is not wearing all brand names all at once, but pairing one awesome vintage piece with something basic or even something basic with something brand name. You have to be open to experimentation.

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2 How Can Women Fix That?

Tatyana: When in the process of finding your style, pay attention to your own voice. If you find yourself saying “I wish I had this” or ‘This would have gone great with my black jeans,” that is a sign you should go out and get that missing link! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have the budget, invest in a personal shopper. They can help you with colors, fabrics, and cuts. If you don’t have the budget, utilize the sales assistants. They have great ideas and opinions, and you can even develop relationships with them if you visit their store often.

3 How Can Busy Women Stay Fashionably Practical?

Tatyana: My schedule is definitely crazy. I am running from the gym, to castings, to dinners. On days I know I can’t stop home to change, I plan a head. I’ll stay with neutral colors and a great pair of dark jeans; maybe drop a funky accessory and some lip gloss in my purse to go from day to night. If I can get away with carrying a bigger bag, you can be sure a pair of stilettos is in it too!

Tatyana (below) as the face of OPI Nail Polish

4 What Runway Styles do You Keep? and Which Ones do You Ditch?

Tatyana: I did a shoot back in 2002 where I had to wear this beautiful little black Gucci dress. I loved it so much I went out and bought the dress for myself. I think Tom Ford is a designing genius, he just knows how to accentuate the women’s body. That dress was flattering, sexy, and timeless. I definitely look at the practicality of an outfit too. I mean, sure an overstated puffy dress may look great down the runway, but if it’s being blown up by the wind on my way to work… that’s definitely not glamorous!
Photo shoot of Tatyana (above)

5 What is Your Typical Shopping Experience?

Tatyana: I have the best luck with boutiques or vintage stores. I mean, everyone is wearing Bloomingdales or Macys. I like to wear pieces that are eye catching, yet collected and sexy. Never underestimate the power of accessories. Play around with elegant necklaces, funky bracelets, or oversized earrings. Accessories can make even the “jeans and a t-shirt” look finished.

6 Where Does Tatyana Shop?

Tatyana: Some of my favorite stores in Los Angeles are H. Lorenzo and Max Fields. They are both great for trendy apparel, but they also do a fantastic job at sorting out the unpractical things. When I’m in New York, I love walking into random vintage stores… they really knew what they were doing back in the day!

7 How Can Women Create a Balance between Her Own Style and Being Runway Fabulous?

Tatyana: First, you really have to separate costume wear from ready wear. Costume wear is what we see on the runway, these clothes are really like pieces of art with couture designers being the "displayer." Ready wear is what we see in actual stores. Finding a balance? Try using one piece of art (costume wear) and pairing it with something basic. For example, instead of looking like a peacock, wear that sexy feathered hat with a great pair of dark jeans, a leather bomber jacket, and sexy turquoise heels!
Tatyana (above/left) in classic black and white.

8 Do You Feel Pressure in Having to Be Fashionable/runway Perfect?

Tatyana: Absolutely. There is definitely a sense of duty to always look good. But looking good is all about feeling good. It’s a huge confidence booster when you’re wearing something that’s well made, fits great, and says a little about who you are. People can really sense that.

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