7 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Boyfriend ...


Worried that your boyfriend is cheating? It can be really hard to break if off without knowing for sure, so what can you do to catch him red handed with his lies?

Hiring private detectives is becoming increasingly popular, and expensive, so its often much more cost effective to try and find out yourself. Here's my top seven ways on how to catch your cheating boyfriend, but please be careful!

1. Follow Him

Is he staying out late, or suddenly visiting the shop twice as often? If you've spotted something, borrow a friends car or rent one, and follow him. Remember to drive carefully and stay out of sight, and see where he goes. If he goes where he said he was going, you can be reassured that he probably isn't cheating. If he doesn't, you'll know to start looking a bit deeper.

Check Bank Statements
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