7 Things You CAN do for Your Man ...


I often make male-female jokes and some of my posts here really sounded like I see our dear male part of the population as a necessary inconvenience. But, let’s put all those jokes, which I hope guys understand, aside for now and be brutally honest – We CAN and we should try to be a little bit more nicer to them. I totally agree with the fact that not all guys deserve that, but again, I’m sure you wouldn’t waste your time with a man that doesn’t appreciate all the nice things you’re doing for him. So, here are some things you can do for your man:

1. You Can Compliment Him

Men like compliments too so, if you think he looks great just tell him that. Complimenting a man on his looks does feel a little bit strange because we got used to receiving compliments rather than giving them and we are usually too embarrassed to speak our minds in front of them. However, next time you want to say “That shirt looks great!”, think about adding “on you!” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. A great shirt is a great shirt in general but a shirt that looks great on him, now that’s something. And if you keep adding compliments and commenting why is that so, you’ll actually have the chance to see his facial expression go from slightly shy but satisfied to proud and utterly happy.

You Can Make Him a Meal
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