10 Relationships Every Woman Needs to Have ...


10 Relationships Every Woman Needs to Have ...
10 Relationships Every Woman Needs to Have ...

Relationships aren’t just about the people inside them. Different types of relationship, and break up, will teach you different things, and expose you to different emotions and how to handle them. There are some relationships that every woman needs to have, to show them all the different types, and to give them the best knowledge and power to take into their future relationships. Here are the ten types everyone needs...how many have you had?

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Your First Love

Your First Love Photo Credit: ArtsySF ©

You remember your first love, right? The way your heart fluttered, and everything reminded you of him, and all those love songs started to make sense? Then you got your first kiss, and at some point afterwards, your first break up. As well as teaching us that love hurts, your first love shows you that it can be beautiful, and that it is worth believing in. You’ll even eventually see that the relationship still has good memories, even through the pain, and that the pain does go away. What a hard lesson, though!


The Holiday Fling

The Holiday Fling Photo Credit: Something To See

The Holiday Fling is important when moving on from the first love...it’s just about fun, and enjoying yourself, with no pressure on making things go further. The lesson? That some relationships can be perfect for you at that moment in time, without having a future, and that that is okay. And also that having fun is okay. This lesson isn’t so bad...well, who could complain about the eye-candy?!


The Sugar Daddy

The Sugar Daddy Photo Credit: doug88888

Your personality will depict which version of the sugar daddy you fall for. Some people will find someone with money to burn, who treats them like a princess, and will spoil them rotton. Others will go for an older man, who may not be financially rich, but is rich in knowledge and experience and doesn’t mind sharing it. This helps us to set limits on how much we should share, and how to let someone completely in to our lives and ourselves. And it can be quite fun...


The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy Photo Credit: SurfaceSpotting

This is an important lesson. All women go through it...finding the bad boy irresistible. We all secretly think we can change him, until he breaks our hearts. It’s important for two reasons...firstly, because it shows us that we cannot change him, and he is not good for us. Secondly, because it unites women. I mean, at first, you were convinced they were just jealous, right? So once you find out they were telling the truth, and he’s hurt you both, you’ll bond.


The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand Photo Credit: Eliza Claire

Some women won’t go through this stage, and I didn’t. But it is essential for others, to learn to value themselves, and to hold out for the right man. Sound odd? Well, it works. My sister felt so battered and bruised after trying to change her Mr.Bad into Mr.Right that she felt worthless, and unhappy. I worried about her having casual sex, but after a few nights, she changed. She realized that she was worth more then just some no-strings plaything, and she hid herself away for a few days and came out a changed woman.


Long Distance

Long Distance Photo Credit: bhampton1963

This one is a bit harsh. Most people are quite deeply involved with their partner when for some reason, they have to leave. You have difficult conversations about how you’ll manage to be together, and whether breaking up would be easier, and eventually commit to staying together. You’ll suffer, though...both financially, with the cost of long phone calls, webcam and sending him packages, and emotionally, on those nights when you miss him so much you can’t stop crying, and when you feel insecure and wonder who he is with. You’ll learn to cut your losses, though, and that things can hurt too much, and you’ll learn to consider yourself and do the most difficult thing, even if you don’t really want too.


The Heart Breaker

The Heart Breaker Photo Credit: Mr.Minimalist

This is another very painful lesson. That guy you love, and trust completely? He’ll smash your heart up. Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but it certainly feels like that at the time, and you’ll feel the most painful thing in the world. You will come out the other side, though, and on those days when you have to wear sunglasses even though its cloudy, just to stop people from knowing you are crying, remember that you’ll be okay. You’ll come out stronger, and more capable, and you’ll know how to pick yourself up if everything goes wrong. Which means you can be stronger, because break ups aren’t that bad. They might be horrid, but you’ve done it once, and what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. I promise.


The Cheat

The Cheat Photo Credit: pia_slave

Most women will meet a guy who will cheat on her. It’s sad, but surprisingly common, and it’ll teach you to pick up on the clues, and how to go through the motions...it also teach you to trust. You’ll feel shock, at first, and disbelief. Sometimes, he’ll manage to convince you it was innocent, or all in your head. And sometimes, you might fall for this, or even believe it was your fault. No doubt it’ll happen again, though, and you’ll feel shock, and anger, and then sadness, and a little bit of fear. It won’t last long, though. You’ll realize that he meant nothing, and that you are worth more, and you’ll rebuild yourself into a better, and more experienced, you.


The Too-Close-Friend

The Too-Close-Friend Photo Credit: cchsieha

That friend you grew up with and never thought anything of? Well, you’ll start to see that actually, he is a bit sexy, and he does have a lovely personality. And it’s better the devil you know, right? But you’ll still be a bit shocked when you fall into bed with him. Your family will be thrilled, your friends will be cautious, and you’ll be gutted when it all goes wrong, you’ll both be praying it doesn’t destroy the friendship, and one of you will hurt badly. It’ll show you that the lines between love and friendship can be very faded though, and you won’t make the same mistake again. Keep your man friends out of your bed!


The One

The One Photo Credit: Ryan Brenizer

After having your heart pulverized (or so it will feel!) you’ll meet a man who won’t let you down. He’ll earn your trust, treat you right, and make you feel like a Princess. Waking up with him will be enough to make your heart flutter, and no matter what happens, you know he’ll be there. There will be arguments, and tears, and sometimes he might hurt you a little, but you’ll know somehow that it’s okay, and he’ll make it right. And he will. Your previous experience will help you to judge that this is the one, this is worth fighting for, and you’ll keep it together. Forever!

Stuck on a stage? Remember that every woman gets these relationships, and while you might have skipped the one night stands or the bad boys, you will follow the path to the one, and he is waiting for you! All the pain, hurt and confusion will pay off in the end, and you’ll be happy. Have you got a tip on surviving these stages? Please let me know!

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I like the way you analyse relationships =) Each situation (the one night stand, the bad boy, The Too-Close-Friend and other) may become yours "The One". I know tens of couples which say that "it wasn't love from the first sight" - they were friends or they had sex, they were colleagues, neighbours and so on. =)

I've only gone through the first love. My too-close friend is now my boyfriend and we've been together for just over 3 years. He almost became the heart-breaker but I always fought to stay together cos I thought he'd be the one. He'll probably be going overseas for studies next year though and I'm afraid of that because the past 1.5 years with him enlisted in army has been so difficult already. How would I know the difference between the heart-breaker and the one or must I rely on the 20/20 hindsight?

Some people's too-close friend ends up being their 'one', and sometimes the one you thought was 'the one' cheats. Or - shock, horror - 'the one' goes abroad to study. And maybe - I know this may be a bit much, but don't have a heart attack just yet - you may have a one-nighter with someone you actually end up falling for. Or maybe that older man who treats you like a princess will end up being the person you spend the rest of your life with. Oh, and you missed out 'Friends with Benefits'. And probably twenty other types of relationship.

i LOVE the last one :) so sweet! unfortunately i've only gone through 2 of them lol. and i'm still going to go through all the other ones lol. hopefully that is. i think i'm in the bad boy phase. and the fling. dear lord where are all the men?!

green day once sang: so make the best of this test. and now i know what they meant(:

sometimes heart-breaker, cheater and that of long distance relationship can be the same person...) As Christina sang, "Thanx for making me FIGHTER!"=))

Still waiting for no. 10. If there's one thing all the previous ones teach you, it is to be patient. You'll get there eventually. Love this post! :)

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