7 Secrets of Naturally Slim Women ...

Everyone knows one. A woman who eats what she likes, and seems to stay effortlessly slim...whether she’s snacking on pizza or salad, while you are worrying about how many calories you’ve now got to burn off, she’s planning her next snack. Gah! Naturally slim women do have some benefits, though....here are eight of their deepest secrets!

1. Good or Evil

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Don’t label foods as good and bad, and forget the labels you’ve already given! If you label something, such as cupcakes or biscuits, as a bad food, you’ll feel like a failure if you eat them, and as you’ve already ‘failed’ to avoid them, you’ll be more likely to eat loads more. Don’t see them as a negative...enjoy all the different foods, and you’ll master them, and not feel the urge to binge eat them.

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