7 Secrets of Naturally Slim Women ...


7 Secrets of Naturally Slim Women ...
7 Secrets of Naturally Slim Women ...

Everyone knows one. A woman who eats what she likes, and seems to stay effortlessly slim...whether she’s snacking on pizza or salad, while you are worrying about how many calories you’ve now got to burn off, she’s planning her next snack. Gah! Naturally slim women do have some benefits, though....here are eight of their deepest secrets!

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Good or Evil

Good or Evil Photo Credit: Sugarbloom Bev ;o)

Don’t label foods as good and bad, and forget the labels you’ve already given! If you label something, such as cupcakes or biscuits, as a bad food, you’ll feel like a failure if you eat them, and as you’ve already ‘failed’ to avoid them, you’ll be more likely to eat loads more. Don’t see them as a negative...enjoy all the different foods, and you’ll master them, and not feel the urge to binge eat them.


Enjoy Fruit

Enjoy Fruit Photo Credit: Paco CT

Slim women tend to enjoy at least one more portion of fruit per day then overweight women, so pick a fruit you like, and try to eat a little of it per day. Whether its the one with the best health benefits or the one you love the flavour of, any fruit will do. It’s all full of natural goodness, and it’ll fill you up while it makes you healthier. I love cherries at the moment!


Discover How Hungry Feels

Discover How Hungry Feels Photo Credit: docman

Consider whether you are actually hungry before you eat anything. Most people confuse hunger with a stimulated appetite, which can be caused by anything from boredom to smelling food. When you next get hungry, distract yourself for twenty minutes and see if you are still hungry afterwards. Cravings tend to pass, and you’ll save yourself a lot of calories!


Don’t See Food as a Friend

Don’t See Food as a Friend Photo Credit: Emerald2810

Naturally slim women tend to work and talk through their problems, rather than treating food as an emotional friend and cheering yourself up with it. Try writing down your problems, and working them out in steps, or writing letters to people, which you do not need to actually post. This is a great way to express feelings without any repercussions, or extra calories!


Use a List

Make a list of what you need to buy, and stick to it. If you walk around the supermarket without a list, you will be suckered into buying things in pretty packets, or that are on offer. You won’t need them, so they are just empty calories! Lists are great things, and since using one, I’ve been saving so much on my shopping that I can afford a ‘naughty’ trip to get the things I really want too.


Be Active

Try to add some activeness to your everyday life. I’m not talking gym sessions, but faster things, such as taking the stairs rather than the lift, walking to talk to your boss rather then emailing and standing up while on the phone. You’ll soon feel the benefits, and it’ll begin to come naturally. Effortless calorie burning!


Be Repetitive

Keep your range of foods fairly narrow, and your waist will benefit. Having a range of textures and flavours will make you eat a lot more than necessary, so sticking to favourites will stop you from consuming calories that you don’t really need, or want. Keep eighty percent of your meals around the same, and you’ll limit your chances to overindulge.

I’ve been using these tips for a few weeks, and I have found myself effortlessly getting slimmer, and I’m always on the move now! I plan to mix up my ingredients every two months to stop myself getting bored, and see how slim I could be if I adopt these long term!

Have you got a secret of the naturally slim, or are you trying these tips too? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: suziebeezie

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Wow I do a lot of this without realizing I do it!

Well i am naturally slim and i think this is more about how to trick your body than actually being naturally slim, or you wouldn't have to do these in the first place, i like your posts though :)

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