7 Mistakes Women Make at Parties and How to Avoid Them ...


7 Mistakes Women Make at Parties and How to Avoid Them ...
7 Mistakes Women Make at Parties and How to Avoid Them ...

Women are brilliant socialisers, but this can be a bad thing, too. Suddenly, parties are minefields, and the local book club is full of local gossip rather than exciting reads. Want to change your ways? I certainly didn’t want a Summer full of awkward parties and worrying about invitations, so I’ve been researching the mistakes women make at parties, and what we can do to stop them...

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Talking to the Enemy

Talking to the Enemy Photo Credit: ytsirKGaunt.

Whether its your exboyfriend or an old best friend, why do we go to talk to them!? Unless the situation really calls for it, acknowledging them is enough, and avoids having to make awkward small talk, and then thinking of what else you could have said throughout the party. Save the hassle, and give a wave when appropriate, but keep yourself entertained with the other guests and ignore your past.



Jealousy Photo Credit: *Cencula*

At parties, there will be a woman who is wearing something so short that she can’t sit down, or stupidly low cut. I don’t know why, but there always is one. So, prepare for it. Your partner will probably look at them, but unless he is undressing them with his eyes, forget it. One look is okay. Getting jealous at a party ruins the whole thing...you’ll feel bubbled up with rage, and he’ll avoid you to avoid the rage. Then you’ll want to go home, and he won’t want too, and you’ll worry about where he is every second that he isn’t by your side. Nightmare.



Clothes Photo Credit: Holland Fabric House

Hunt out something that suits the occasion and makes you feel amazing. It doesn’t matter what you are expected to wear, you’ll look ten times better if you are feeling confident, so pick something you like and make yourself feel amazing. You’ll radiate beauty, and nothing is more attractive then that!


Be Feminine

Be Feminine Photo Credit: alvin lamucho ©

As soon as alcohol is added to the mix, a lot of women lose their femininity and grace. I am a real lightweight, and one glass of wine can make me very tipsy, so I avoid it. Be polite, graceful and feminine, and embrace your feminine charm. Not only will you find that people are attracted to your new persona, but you’ll feel confident too.


Watch Your Lips

Watch Your Lips Photo Credit: Princess Cy

Remember that to get invited to a party, you need to know the host, or be very good friends with another guest. So when those gossip circles start, refrain from commenting. There’s a good chance that someone there knows that guest very well, and no one likes to be gossiped about! Use your feminine charms to excuse yourself from the situation, without badmouthing any other guests. It’s much more ladylike, and you avoid the awkwardness of finding out that you’ve gossiped about her to her sister…


Behave Appropriately

Behave Appropriately Photo Credit: kisluvkis

Be a lady. Watch how much you drink, to keep yourself from behaving inappropriately! Being drunk and hitching up your dress or having to be carried out will undermine all your efforts, and you’ll be remembered for not being able to handle your drink. Stay in control of yourself, and make every move with elegance. And when someone at the party makes a pass at you, which is inevitable at most parties, handle it elegantly and swiftly and forget about it. You’ll be remembered for being classy and chic, and you won’t be the person tagged in embarrassing Facebook pictures the next day.



Enjoy the party! If you spend the whole night worrying, you won’t have much fun at all. Instead, follow these tips, and relax. As long as you know your limits you don’t risk going out of control, and you’ll meet interesting people and have a good night if you just allow yourself to go with the flow.

I’ve always struggled with parties, especially big ones which require ballgowns! It seems like so much work, and I can get surprisingly shy. These tips have helped me to take a step back and ensure that I have fun, though, which has made going to parties enjoyable again! Have you got a tip for party etiquette, or a mistake you’ve noticed us women make at parties? Please tell me about it!

Top Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

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Ah. I really need to stop myself from drinking more than a glass or two of alcohol. Have had many many embarrassing moments as a result :/

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