21 Practical Tips on Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents ...


You may have heard horror tales about meeting boyfriend’s parents for the 1st time, but pretend you didn’t (out of all my girlfriends just one of them had bad luck with her boyfriends’ folks, but those love birds still got engaged).

Anyway, I am sure you would still want his Mom and Dad go crazy about you, specially if you think he's a keeper.

So, apart from an open mind and a positive outlook, here are a couple of other tips that you can use to make a great start with his family!

1. Wait

Don’t rush into meeting the family.

Wait for the right time.

Get to know your guy first.

Once you’re sure that this relationship is ‘the one’ then mutually decide to meet the parents.

2. Research

Find out about his family before hand.

Know if his parents are divorced or if they're both still alive, know if he's part of a blended family, a huge house of a joint family or a nuclear one.

Learn up names of family members and try to get photographs so you can recognize them before you are introduced.

You’ll be more at ease if you know who is going to be present.

I had an embarrassing moment when in the middle of the dinner I forgot the name of the aunt who was too at the table...

Thank God I didn't have to address her.

Her name is Anna, and although we broke up with that guy, I remember his Aunt's name till this day.

3. Venue

The right location is important.

One good choice would be something neutral, like a restaurant.

Choose one that is semi-formal unless you’re a pro at figuring out the cutlery!

4. Punctuality

Don’t you want to make a good impression?2

Don’t be late as it’s disrespectful to make others wait for you.

Along with other things, you need to show his parents that you are a responsible adult.

If you’re running late then call and apologies and mention what time you can be expected.

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