7 Best Fashion Blogs...


1. Cafe Fashionista

Now there are a lot of fashion blogs today and most of them are of the "I wore this today" variety.

Not Erika.

This gem of a blogger writes beautifully and draws you in with her well-written posts.

And yes, she has great taste, too.I am one of her many fans and I'm sure they agree with me when I say that the best parts of her blog are her cafe features and budget versions of fashion staples.

2. Champagne and Marshmallows

Champagne and Marshmallows

I'm pretty sure I'll get sick if I consume those two together but they work really well on this fashion blog.2

A few things you need to know: 1.

Lauren gives off this Blake Lively vibe (that's just my opinion, though);


Lauren is more stylish than Blake Lively;


Lauren finds the most drool-worthy vintage items.

The third is probably only natural since she works for a thrift shop (lucky girl).

Oh yeah, did I mention I love her hair?

3. Marian Kihogo

Marian Kihogo

Remember that name because it's bound to get bigger in the future.

She is not just like any other fashion blogger who posts outfits and scans of pretty editorials.

Marian actually works in the fashion industry.

She is a fashion editor and celebrity stylist.

On top of interviews with fashion designers, she also has outfit posts and fashion parties insider info.

She's living a charmed life, if I do say so myself.

4. Karla's Closet

Karla's Closet

What I love about Karla is that she can effortlessly combine designer items with vintage finds in one outfit.

She has an enviable shoe collection and hair that puts Rihanna's style to shame.

The best part about this blog is that the photos always look awesome.

We get a feel of different locations and even treasured glimpses into Karla's home.

I should mention again that she has a shoe collection I seriously covet.2

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