20 Tips on How to Tell if a Guy Likes You without Asking ...


How do you know if a guy is interested in you?2

Just because he hasn’t said those three little words doesn’t mean he isn’t crazy about you, but how can you tell without risking embarrassment of asking?2

Here are my telltale signs he likes you...

1. Glances


You catch him looking at you, whatever you are doing.

2. Jealousy?


You catch a glimpse of hurt when you talk to him about a hot man you met last night, or Brad Pitt.

Double score if he then talks about a hot woman.

3. Just Saying Hi


He calls and texts you even when he is out with his friends.

You know he’ll be getting grief for this, so it’s a sure sign that he likes you.

4. You're Invited


He talks about festivals or gigs he wants to go too, and waits for you to say you’ll go with him.

Double points if he actually invites you, especially if they are later on in the year.

Making plans with you is a big hint.

5. Getting Personal

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He knows your birthday, and where you live, off the top of his head.

Double points if he knows your dress size.

6. Thinking of You


He texts you randomly.

Messages that have no purpose show that he is thinking about you, which is always a good sign.2

7. Pays Attention

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He listens to your compliments.

Maybe he wears the shirt you like more, or he left his hair longer because you like it better like that?

8. All about You


He doesn’t notice when pretty girls walk past.2

While this doesn’t tend to last, it’s a good sign for now.

9. Details

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When you go out, he pays an interest in where, whose going and what you’ll be wearing.

He might try and make himself sound bored, but really he’s seeing if you’ll be dressing up for (hot) Tom from Marketing.

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