10 Ways to Become Runway Ready under 7 Days ...


1. Seaweed Wraps ...

These things are amazing!

Seaweed wraps reduce cellulite, tighten saggy skin, lighten stretch marks, and slim you up an inch or two all around.

Although some people boast seaweed takes off ten inches on your hips or thighs, I haven't seen it.

What I've seen is a great improvement in skin texture and smoothness as well as an overall slimmer, tighter look - and that's wonderful on its own!

2. Increase Your Water Intake ...

Drink as much water as you can each day.

Try to guzzle at least 64 ounces per day, and if you can drink more, do it.


Water improves your skin tone, increases your body's efficiency, and makes you less hungry.

If you drink more water, your skin will be glowing in seven days, and you'll probably feel better, too.

3. Whiten Your Teeth ...

You can use in-home whitening systems or go big with a whitening session at your dentist office.

I recommend the in-home kits.

I've done the Zoom Whitening with the light at my dentist's office for $500, but I honestly got just as good results with Crest Whitestrips.2

While you're at it, give your smile a good flossing every day, too.

Bright, white, shiny teeth are totally runway ready.

4. Miracle Cleanse ...

Go on the 7-Day Miracle Cleanse.

I went on this plan for the week before my brother's wedding, and I lost 15 pounds by the wedding!

On this plan, you just drink a mixture of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup as a meal replacement.

This is what Beyonce did before the filming of Dreamgirls, and you know Beyonce looks runway ready!

5. Cabbage Soup Diet ...

If the Miracle Cleanse is too intense for you (and I'll tell you, it is intense to fast for a week), try the Cabbage Soup Diet.

This diet is known all over the world for sucking the excess water weight off you, fast.

I've tried this one and, while it isn't as dramatic as Miracle Cleansing, you will lose 7-10 pounds in seven days.

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