10 Things to Treat Yourself to on Valentine’s Day …


Who said you can’t buy yourself a Valentine's present? You know yourself best, and a bit of self-love is good for everyones' confidence. So make sure you don’t forget to buy the important present this year... the one for you! Here are my top ten things to treat yourself too this Valentine's Day...

1. Soapy CupCakes!

Soapy CupCakes!

Photo Credit: Oh, Sugar! (Destini Hinkle)

I love bathtime, and there is nothing more special than having something gorgeous to add. These handmade cupcakes are perfect! They smell of divine pastries and contain no harsh chemicals, so you will smell and look great! And they are only for $4.50! I know I love adorable and inexpensive gifts like this one.

Where to Get It: etsy.com

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