10 Common Fears and Ways to Overcome Them ...


We all have our fears...deep, dark secrets that we'd rather not let anyone know.

Maybe it would make it easier if you realized that some fears are actually quite common and are faced by a lot of us.

Here are the 10 most common fears and tips on how to overcome them...

10. Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

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Yes, I admit, this one has always been a problem for me.

The only cure, as I have realized over the years is action.

When you do something about a situation that you are afraid of failing in, you will see results.

Granted, they may not always be the results you want but any result will make you feel better and just a little less like a failure.

9. Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection

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Who doesn’t have this fear?

Sure, some will say “Oh, I don’t care.” However deep down, they do care.

They dread rejection.

We all have to face it in life, even if it is rejection of our ideas.

With this one, accept that it is inevitable, just keep going and move on.

8. Fear of public Speaking

Fear of public Speaking

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Oh my goodness, I remember in elementary school when I had todeliver a speech.

I had a PHOBIA!

Now, I find that some planning will help you out.

Also, don’t allow yourself to worry about it, don’t sit there and think of how you will do standing in front of a group of people speaking.

Think of those people as your friends.

You talk to your friends, right?

Then why not talk to them?

Overthinking it will definitely cause you to goof up.2

7. Fear of Criticism

Fear of Criticism

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Who doesn’t have this fear?

In order to progress with this one, you will need to grow thicker skin.

Realize that other individuals are entitled to their own opinion.

Let their opinion go through one ear and out the other.

What matters at the end of the day is what YOU think of yourself!

The key isto be confident in yourself.

Fear of What Others Are Thinking
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