Top 7 Low Interest Credit Cards ...


I looked around and came up with a list of low interest credit cards that I thought I'd share. I was going to arrange them in order from highest interest rate to lowest, but I found there were some cards that had better attributes than others. I saw that while one card may have a lower interest than another, the card with the higher interest rate offered so much more. So here's presenting the top 7 low interest credit cards.

7. Slate

Chase Bank's Website:

Interest Rate: 13.24%

My Opinion: This is one of the most basic low interest credit cards available. There are no frills included, but the interest is low and that is the main reason it is on this list. There is one feature that does account for something and that is the Zero Liability on unauthorized purchases. I mean, who wants to be responsible for purchases that someone else made on your card without your knowledge? I've known friends who've had credit cards stolen and tickets to some other country were purchased on them. That's a lot of dough to be responsible for especially when you don't even end up traveling abroad on that trip!

Citi Platinum Select
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