8 Signs You Are Dating a Married Woman ...

I am against cheating. Then again, I think anyone who is in a relationship is against cheating. You will never find me cheating on my husband and I trust that my husband will never cheat on me. I can’t see how guys and girls can cheat on their spouse so willingly. If you no longer want to be with the person, just tell them – don’t keep pulling their heart strings. Guys, this one is aimed for you. I know this is All Women Stalk, but from time to time, I write things just for guys. So, right now, I am going to give you 8 signs you are dating a married woman …

8. Does Not Want Public Display of Affection

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Come on, what girl does not like to hold hands in public? Be caressed on the cheek? If she does not want this in public, then she might just be a married woman.

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