8 Reptiles for the Reptile Lover like Me ...


8 Reptiles for the Reptile Lover like Me ...
8 Reptiles for the Reptile Lover like Me ...

I have owned all of the reptiles on this list. Reptiles are one of my favorite species. Many are afraid of them, I guess the sharp teeth is a turn off to them, but I’m not afraid of them. Sure, they could inflict some pain if they are not tamed, but the time you spend with them is well worth it. I love the bearded dragon I have. His name is Grendel. He’s 5 years old. He loves sitting on my desk while I am writing. He’s a nice little guy.

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Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata Tortoise Photo Credit: tedreese

This is a beautiful tortoise. They are native to parts of Africa, including Mauritania, Senegal, Chad, Mali, the Sudan and Ethiopia. They easily reach twenty four to thirty inches in carapace length. I always find them amazing, because of the size. They are eighty to one hundred and ten pounds. The biggest one on record is a male who weighed in at two hundred and thirty two pounds and measured 41.6 inches over the carapace. The oldest one on record was fifty four years of age. I loved my Sulcata tortoise.


Green Iguana

The green iguana isn’t really a child’s lizard. Many believe that they are for beginner’s, but they’re not. They require a lot of care and if you do not properly care for them, they will die. I loved every single one of them, I even had an adult one. Full grown adult iguanas range between four and six feet. They are known for growing up to seven feet long. This does include their tail and I must say, when they slap the tail at you, it does hurt!


Rhino Iguana

Rhino Iguana Photo Credit: antonsrkn

These are primarily found on the Caribbean island. They vary in length. You have anything from two to four and a half feet. The skin colors range from dark green to steely gray and even brown. They really are something! Just look at their pictures!


Panther Chameleon

Panther Chameleon Photo Credit: Rick_in_the_QC

The Panther Chameleon is a well-known lizard. They live in the Eastern and Northern parts of Madagascar where it is tropical. The males can grow up to twenty inches in length. Typically, they are around seventeen inches in length. The females are usually smaller, they are about half the size of the males. The males are also more colorful than the females.


Argentine Black and White Tegu

Argentine Black and White Tegu Photo Credit: turdusprosopis

I loved my Argentine Black and White Tegu. She died a year ago of old age. She was very lovable and would come up to get petted! These are the largest species of tegu. They inhabit the tropical rain forests of east and central South America. They are carnivorous. They seek human attention, a lot like a cat or a dog would. The picture above is just how mine looked. Her name was Pallay.


Savannah Monitor

Savannah Monitor Photo Credit: theSarge00

This is a species of monitor lizard that is native to Africa. These are beautiful creatures. I had one that wasn’t tame, he would bite and not let go and do the rolling thing, like a gator would do. BUT after awhile, he got used to me and became a really good pet.


Nile Monitor

Nile Monitor Photo Credit: Ingeborg van Leeuwen

This is a large member of the monitor lizard family. They can grow up to nine feet in length. I love these critters! They have muscular bodies, strong legs and yes, they do have some pretty powerful jaws! Their teeth are sharp and pointed in juveniles. When they reach the adult stage, they become peg-like and blunt. They have nostrils high on their snout, which indicates they are highly aquatic, but they are quick runners on land and make great climbers. They feed on frogs, fish, crocodile eggs, snakes, small mammals, birds, carrion and large insects.


Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Photo Credit: ricko

These are beautiful animals. I don’t have the German Giant, which is the common type, I have the Sunfire type, which has some pretty orange color. Bearded dragons are easy to take care of, so I would say that they are good for beginners, but nonetheless, they will still require some attention.

There you have 8 reptiles for the reptile lover like me. If you are into reptiles, then you understand where my love and adoration for them comes from. If not, then, you should try looking at them from a different perspective. If you do not want to hold them, they are still fun to admire. So, what type of reptile do you have or want? Do you like reptiles or are you afraid of them?

Top Photo Credit: boss allman was here

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I love them :) i want a bearded dragon tho

I am a reptile lover to. I wish there were more women interested in them!!

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