8 Pretty White Accessories ...


8 Pretty White Accessories ...
8 Pretty White Accessories ...

Now that’s it’s summer, it’s time to start wearing white! What better way to add a little white to your wardrobe than with some pretty white accessories, like shoes, or a handbag? Here’s my list of 8 pretty white accessories, all of them perfect for summer!

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Pearl Cluster Sandals

Pearl Cluster Sandals Price: $150.00 at anthropologie.com
So pretty! These gorgeous sandals are brown and white leather, with a cluster of sweet, creamy pearls on each one. Choose your own size, in whole sizes, from 6 to 10. These would look gorgeous with a long skirt, or with brown linen shorts. And don’t forget your sunhat!


Pinpointed Skimmers

Pinpointed Skimmers Price: $128.00 at anthropologie.com
Add a little shine, a little sparkle, with these pretty flats! I love the black polka dots, and the foot-flattering shape. Pair with any summer outfit you already love, possibly something in red or yellow?


Secreted Away Satchel

Price: $178.00 at anthropologie.com
Keep all of your necessities in this stylish little bag, loaded with pockets to keep everything in its place. The top zippers shut for to stash your goodies discreetly and securely… and you can sling the bag over one shoulder, or across your chest, messenger-style.


Lee Angel “Lucidity” Necklace

Lee Angel “Lucidity” Necklace Price: $198.00 at anthropologie.com
Although it’s not strictly white, this necklace earns a place on my list of must-have white accessories for its gorgeous faux aster and sweet little bow. Can you think of anything, from chiffon to denim, that you couldn’t wear this with?


Buttercup Posts

Buttercup Posts Price: $18.00 at anthropologie.com
Just like the wee pretty buttercups in your auntie’s cottage garden, these sweet earrings are harbingers of warmer weather… wear them with a delicate eyelet dress, or something that could use a dash of feminine, floral prettiness! If you love them in white, you might also love them in mauve, spring green, or peach…


Wrinkled Rosette Headband

Wrinkled Rosette Headband Price: $32.00 at anthropologie.com
You’ll need something to hold your tresses back from your face as you drive your father’s 1958 Corvette convertible to the strawberry patch and flower stand, won’t you? This headband will work nicely, and it will match anything else in your summer wardrobe… and could you resist the pair of pretty roses on top, anyway? No go ask Dad for the keys…


Garden Variety Sunglasses

Garden Variety Sunglasses Price: $24.00 at anthropologie.com
Protect those pretty peepers with these incredibly stylish sunglasses! When you’re not using them, perch them on top of your head — they can do double-duty as a headband, too. Notice the little leaf detail at the sides? Perfect!


Cotton Rosemallow Heels

Price: $120.00 at anthropologie.com
A girl can’t wear flats and skimmers all summer, can she? Especially not when you have a date with that guy you met at the beach… pair with light-weight shorts and a deep-vee t-shirt, and you’ll dazzle!

Add any or all of these to your summer wardrobe, and you’ll love wearing white, too! Which of these white accessories is your favorite? Or have you spied another one you like more? Please share!

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White is my color I have everything in white, even 2 coats for winter :)

I'm in LOVE with #8, Cotton Rosemallow Heels! =]

Omg! That headband is divine! I knew it had to be from Anthropologie when I saw it :)

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