8 PMS Symptoms We Hate ...


Being a woman comes with great advantages. But there are some things-namely PMS-that can make it not so great on certain days. No one enjoys those days, at least no one I know! As women, we can all sympathize with each other and some of us more than others. Two reasons I've found that make PMS symptoms good-and only two!-are because you get to play the "PMS" card to your friends, hubby, co-workers and parents. Come on, a little extra sympathy or space never hurt anybody! And the other reason would be that you're not pregnant. Whew! Another month to breathe easy! That said, there are many other reasons to hate PMS.....And here they are!

1. Bloating

Don't you just love waking up to find that you're late for work and your favorite jeans won't button? Yup. Blame it on BLOATING. I never had to deal with bloating until I turned about 17 and now it's a monthly occurrence. If you don't suffer from bloating monthly, you should count yourself lucky! I've found that drinking lots of water and avoiding salty foods help a lot. I also try to wear clothes with more elasticity in them for comfort around the house and looser-fitting clothes when I go out so it's not as noticeable.

Mood Swings
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