8 New Wedding Trends for 2010 ...

Don’t you just love weddings? From the simple to the extravagant, I love looking at what people choose, and I’m addicted to “Don’t Tell The Bride”... I dread to think what my boyfriend would plan with an unlimited budget and no input from me! I’ve been researching what’s hot for weddings in 2010, and here are the top 8 new wedding trends...

1. Backyard Weddings

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Whether it’s for the control or the money saving, backyard weddings are a huge right now. You can decorate however you want, choose your own alcohol, nothing is banned, and your guests will feel instantly more relaxed. It’s also perfect if you are planning to leave early for your honeymoon, as your parents or friends can clean up for you and theres no risk of it costing you a fortune!

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