8 Men Cheryl Cole Should Date Next ...

I was really sad to hear that Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s marriage had split up...after all, who can forget that Lottery advert?! They’d seemed to be as stable and in love as Posh and Becks until the news broke that he’d been sleeping around, and the news clearly devastated Cheryl. She lost a lot of weight, and didn’t look her usual sparkly self, so I was relieved to hear that she has done what is best for her and filed for divorce. The star shouldn’t be single for long, though, and here are the men she could date...

1. Derek Hough

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Photo Credit: tiger012081

You’d be forgiven for thinking who?! But Derek has performed on hit TV show Dancing With The Stars, and has recently been seen around LA with Cheryl. They always seem very happy in each others company, and the bookies have made him favourite to be Cheryl’s next love. Awww!

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