7 Amazing Supermodels then and Now – You'll Be Surprised!

These days, there is no one look that makes you a supermodel...gone are the days of clones, and in comes variety, and beauty in all of its forms, which is so inspiring to watch! There is one thing supermodels have in common, though....they are all stunning. Whether they are sexy and sultry or innocent and baby faced, you will never see a woman on the catwalk who doesnโ€™t ooze beauty, which makes these photos even more shocking! Here are 8 of our favourites, then and now...

1. Cindy Crawford

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Photo Credit: hmdavid Now

Photo Credit: http://dirtywhorelebrit y.com/ I grew up desperate to look like Cindy! In an industry that saw blonde hair and blue eyes as the sexiest, Cindy converted mankind to the hot brunette look, and had the amazing ability to look glamorous wherever she was. These days she still looks hot, but sheโ€™s got a much more casual look. Her hair is still the envy of most women, but itโ€™s less volumized, and she maintains glamour while still looking effortless. Whether sheโ€™s glammed up or chilled out, Cindy is one gorgeous woman!

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