10 Beautiful Alexis Bledel 'Dos ...


10 Beautiful Alexis Bledel 'Dos ...
10 Beautiful Alexis Bledel 'Dos ...

I have a confession. I still miss Gilmore Girls. I was just Googling Alexis Bledel the other day when I realized that this lovely lady has gone through many hair-dos through the years. I gathered some that I really like.

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Circa Rory Gilmore

Circa Rory Gilmore She looks oh so young here! I remember her with this hairstyle during the early seasons of Gilmore Girls. It's not the most dramatic 'do but she looked gorgeous.


Rory All Grown up

Rory All Grown up She had this hairstyle when her character Rory went to college, didn't she? I really didn't like her college years that much (because of the no Jess situation) but she did look chic and grown up with a much shorter 'do.



Updo Aww geez, how can anyone be so gorgeous? This photo is a couple of years old but really, she still looks this young today! She is 29 (she just turned 29 yesterday, actually) but she still looks like a teenager.



Retro Beautiful! This is turning out to be an Alexis appreciation blog, isn't it? Well I can't help it if she looks beautiful in any 'do. I mean, I will never, in my entire life, pull off a flower tucked behind my ear look.


Bangs for the Beautiful

Bangs for the Beautiful Even with heavy eyeliner, she still ends up looking so much younger than her age. While I like her in a 'do that shows her forehead, this one works wonderfully, too.


Short and Permed

Short and Permed I am guessing that when cherubs grow up, they look like her in this photo.


Short and Adult

Short and Adult This hairstyle manages to make her almost like her age. ALMOST. Her face just refuses to budge to the passage of time, apparently. I like this look because it gives you an image that Alexis can probably pull off lots of mature roles.



Red? Who knew she would look hot in a hair color other than brown or dark brown? I think she should try to keep this shade for more than a couple of years if ever she considers getting it again.


Alexis Bledel is an American actress, producer, and model. She is best known for her roles in Gilmore Girls, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Sin City. Bledel is known for her signature brunette hair, but recently she has been spotted with a new red hue. This new hair color is giving her a bold and daring look that her fans are loving. Bledel has been experimenting with different hair colors for years, but this new look is a hit. It's a vibrant shade of red that complements her skin tone and brings out her eyes. Fans are hoping she keeps this look for a while because it looks amazing on her.


Channeling Mrs. Draper

Channeling Mrs. Draper Very lovely. She should do a 50s movie. What do you guys think? She'd totally kill the fashion, too. She has the legs for those full skirts.


Period Hair

Period Hair Okay, I know this was from her movie Tuck Everlasting but I did love her hair here. She looked really pretty with her long and wavy 'do. The fun frocks added to the appeal, too.

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I miss Gilmore Girls too :(, and I agree, Alexis Bledel is gorgeous!

How gorgeous is she! Fyi, I really really miss Gilmore Girls. It used to be one of my favorites!

I used to watch Gilmore Girls in the first few seasons and was here and there with it afterwards...but I love her in the Traveling Pants movies! And I love that photo of her with bangs...very beautiful!

i really love Alexis! and yes, she still looks like she's younger thank me! (i'm 22) girls i love your site, i always stop by, even though i don't always comment thanks for all your interesting posts! S.

She is too gorgeous. Loved her retro and permed look more.

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