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Mike Myers Kicked out of Yoga Class for Laughing at a Fart

By Wendy

So guess what - Mike Myers is my new boyfriend because of this story, okay? Even though I think he might be a little bit on the ghey side. Who cares, eh?

SHREK star MIKE MYERS was kicked out of his favourite Los Angeles yoga class because he couldn’t contain himself when a mat neighbour kept farting.

The funnyman admits he couldn’t concentrate and everytime his gassy pal let rip, he started giggling.

The comic explains, "This guy kept farting and I am not very mature… I’m the youngest of three boys and if somebody farts, it’s funny.

"They were like, ‘We’re not here to laugh..’ but then he did it a second time, louder, and did it a third time and it sounded like a machine gun and I could not stop laughing." Myers was floored when the farter then turned to him and said, "I had a bad Chinese."

I laugh like a ninny every time I hear a fart, people. It’s natural, they’re funny, okay? In fact, me and my brother got kicked out of CHURCH for farting and laughing so hard. It was bad. I’m probably going to hell for that one, but seriously I couldn’t help it. They smelled like eggs and were SO DAMN LOUD, and then the harder I laughed the louder they got, and holy crap I can’t believe I’m telling you this embarrassing story about myself.

Here’s a good fart video though - enjoy!


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