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Blame Andre ...

By Leisa

Jennifer Hudson has one regret from Sunday's Oscars. Her dress. That hideous gold lame python bolero, that looked like it was borrowed from an old Battlestar Gallactica set, cost her to land on many Worst Dressed lists. It isn't her fault apparently, we can all blame Vogue's Andre Leon Talley.

"Jennifer was kind of sponsored by Talley and Vogue," said one fashionista. "Andre insisted she wear that hideous** **Oscar de la Renta dress with the awful, awful gold python bolero.

"Jennifer really didn't want to, and so [noted stylist] Jessica Paster got her a beautiful gold Roberto Cavalli custom-made. But when Andre found out, he went ballistic. Moments before she left for the show, there was a power struggle and Jennifer ended up putting his outfit on."

What a shame. I wouldn't be afraid to throw it down with Andre for the sake of fashion.

Her Vogue cover was terrible also. Did they have to choose the photo with her mouth wide open? That couldn't of been the best shot, could it? She wasn't slated to be Vogue's covergirl this month, but was only to appear inside the magazine in an entertainment profile. Vogue thought the shot was so great, they put her on the cover.

You mean to say Vogue found this photo to be flattering?

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