Lepaparazzi News Update Will Anne Hathaway Quit Acting?


Lepaparazzi News Update Will Anne Hathaway Quit Acting?
Lepaparazzi News Update Will Anne Hathaway Quit Acting?

Anne Hathaway will quit acting if 'Becoming Jane' is a flop.

The US actress, who stars as British writer Jane Austen, will "never forgive herself" if critics slam her performance.

Anne told Britain's Grazia magazine: "If I messed this up, I'd never forgive myself. I might have to stop acting. The key thing was the accent because everybody will be listening for it."

The 23-year-old also branded her co-star James McAvoy "shameless" after he stripped off and ran naked into a lake in the movie.

Anne joked: "That was the most homoerotic scene. And he keeps his boots on! He told me he felt really stupid - this is the man who had to parade around in green tights for 'The Chronicles Of Narnia', so I figure he has very little shame."

'The Devil Wears Prada' actress says her boyfriend Raffaello Follieri banned her from speaking in a British accent when she was away from set.

Anne revealed: "He begged me to stop. I really immersed myself in it, but when I talked to Raffaello, he said, 'Please! It's bad enough you're abroad and I can't see you, now I can't even hear you!' So I spoke as myself with him."
[Via Anne Hathaway's quit threat]

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