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Madonnas HampM Line Gets Tepid Response

By Jonathon

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"M by Madonna," the famous singer's new clothing line with H&M, is the latest ultra-hyped celebrity fashion attempt. The buzz was enough to get New York shoppers lined up for 30 minutes before the company's Fifth Avenue location in Manhattan opened yesterday -- the first day the line appeared in stores worldwide.

While belts and some small purses sold out within a matter of hours, a number of shoppers were disappointed. They were expecting something more exciting from the woman who used to shock audiences with just about everything she wore. Unfortunately for these fans, the fashion diva's designs are decidedly mainstream.

"I was expecting the clothes to be a little more fashion-forward I have to say," Daniela Martin, a fashion publicist told Reuters, "because she is such an icon and I heard it was based on her own closet."

And it's effecting sales. All the publicity surrounding the release certainly brought the crowds, but only about half the people are actually buying anything, said an H&M sales associate. "There have been a lot of purchases but also a lot of returns."

Have you seen the new line? Is it daring enough for you, or is the pop-star playing it safe?
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