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Brangelina's Adoption to Be Processed in Weeks ...

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Angelina Jolie can expect to welcome a three-and-a-half-year-old Vietnamese orphan into her home sometime in the next few weeks. Adoption officials in Ho Chi Minh City are reportedly reviewing Jolie's application quickly and expect to have her adoption processed by the end of the month. The director of the Tam Binh orphanage says the little boy Jolie has applied to adopt was abandoned at a hospital as an infant and has lived at the orphanage ever since. "He is in good health," said the director. "He is a little bit shy." Jolie recently spoke to Newsweek about her humanitarian work and said of her new home of New Orleans, "Brad was doing a film here and so we were going to spend a month here. [We] realized it was a place we liked, we liked the people, I liked the school for the kids. They're very diverse. I liked the other parents. I feel very comfortable with them. We're happy having our children here. Brad is working on rebuilding here... But for me, just as a mom, I love the other parents and the kids and the schools. I'm starting to work on the education ehre and the school system here. There's a lot of work to be done."

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