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Angelina's Adoption Problems

By Jen

[allie's edit: The lovely Jen used the people cover for this post... which I had to remove from another post by the request of their attorney - so ... I replaced it with this MUCH COOLER picture of Angelina... made out of nothing but text]

Looks like Angelina Jolie has a Madonna/Daddy Banda situation on her hands. It turns out that the mother of Jolie's newly adopted Vietnamese son Pax Thein is reportedly a money-hungry heroin addict who never signed the papers to give up her son!

The drug-addict mom, who abandoned her baby two days after giving birth may go after Jolie and Brad Pitt for cash.

Angelina picked up Pax from an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh city 10 days ago, but the adoption papers were signed by his grandparents and may not be legal if the mother contests them.

"Our daughter is a heroin addict and she is a bag of trouble. Her life has been ruled by drugs since she was 16,” the child’s granddad Chien was quoted by the Newsoftheworld, as saying.

"When she finds out that a rich movie star has adopted her baby, she will go after Angelina Jolie for money and make trouble for her. She may even try to take the child back," he added.

I hope the mother never finds out, that child doesn't need any more drama.

Source: Hollyscoop

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