Oscars - Jennifer and Leo


Oscars - Jennifer and Leo
Oscars - Jennifer and Leo

I'm busy swooning over my teenage crush, Leo DiCaprio, so it's a good thing I have Kim to take notes on Jennifer Hudson. Her dress, a sort of mocha coloured satin, is gorgeous, but we're not so sure about the cropped metallic leather shrug she's popped on over the top.

Meanwhile Celine Dion is wearing an amazing bias cut green number, completely making up for that awful backwards trouser suit she wore a few years ago. We've also spotted Portia de Rossi in navy blue (again) and Rachel Weisz in silver satin with a swarovski covered bow detail on the bust and a bias cut skirt. Lovely, as always.

Fearne's grabbed Jessica Biel, who's bought M&M's with her (we suddenly love her more). Kelly Preson is definitely in animal print, and Isla Fisher is in an amazing deep emerald green satin. Kim, as a fellow Aussie, is very excited about how gorgeous she looks.

And Cate Blanchet has arrives, in a metallic gunmetal one-shouldered dress. It has to be Armani. Kirsten Dunst is in a Chanel dress in baby blue that I predicted someone would wear. How exciting, so far we've been on the ball with all our trends and all our colours!

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