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10 New Fab Pictures from Sex and the City 2 ...

By Olga

Are you as excited about Sex and The City 2 as I am? Then I have fabulous news for you! Here are 10 pictures of Sarah Jessica parker and Cynthia Nixon shot last Friday in the trendy West Village, Manhattan.

Don't you just love Carrie's pumps? Who are they by? Oh, and I wonder what they are talking about in this scene... and_The_City_2/i-2414.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2415.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2416.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2417.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2418.jpg

Oh, don't you envy those abs??? and_The_City_2/i-2419.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2420.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2421.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2422.jpg and_The_City_2/i-2423.jpg

In one of the interviews Sarah said that unlike Sex and The City The Movie, its sequel won't cary so many high end designer labels. On the contrary, it will reflect the harsh reality of today (aka economic crisis). With this said, I wonder what the story line would be like, with John being an investment banker at the times of a global financial crisis...

Will they go broke and then miraculously get back on their feet? Will Carrie have a kid? Oh, I am just dying to know...

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