7 Things to do in the Month of November ...

November is the start of what we call the"Holiday season". From Thanksgiving to Christmas, you are going, going, going! But before you rush into December, here are 7 things you must do in the month of November!

1. Create Your Holiday Schedule

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Gather your family together and choose the things you want to do this holiday season. Make sure to include activities such as ice skating on a Saturday, and game night around the fireplace. Know what you are going to do and when you are going to do it!

2. Create Some Table Talk

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This year, as you are preparing your Thanksgiving meal, ask your family to write down what they are thankful for in their family and include something humorous, and then take turns reading them aloud around the table.

3. Start a Guest Book

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Bring back a little tradition by starting a guest book. Have every guest that comes by your house sign and date your book, and even leave a small message if they wish. This will become a house diary and a recording to keep for years of all the comings and goings that took place in your home, just as people did with calling cards in the 1800's.

4. Set Aside a Day to Lend an Ear

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Simply listening to someone is the most wonderful giftyou can ever give. And you canmake memories along the way!

5. Take a Chilly Walk in the Park (or Woods)

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Throw on a hoodie andsome bootsand take off walking. A good, slightly chilly walk does your body good. Listen to the sounds of the leaves falling...feel the breeze on your face!Enjoy nature! Drink it in before winter sets in.

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Before baking time picks up, check this site out. Beth Howard, author of this blog, shares tips about making pies, has her own tv show, and even gives "Pie parties" in your own home to teach you how to bake pies!

7. Slow down!

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Take a little time for yourself. Remember, if you are tiredand stressed, you will not be a joy to be around this joyous season! So, rest up, stress down, and feel great!

Do not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season too fast. Ease into holiday mode with these seven tips, then you will be prepared to take on the holidays full force!

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