7 Swimsuits for 7 Body Types ...

It’s nearly swimsuit season again, and I don’t know about you, but while I love the warmth and the sunshine, I dread searching for a new suit that flatters my figure. I’m on the slender side with not much on top… but I don’t want to shop for swimsuits in the little girl’s section! What to do? I’ve been doing some digging, and here are the eight swimsuits I’ve found for eight different body types… including mine, and probably yours, too! They’re all from Victoria’s Secret, too, so they’re all sexy, not bland, boring, or anything your granny would wear…

1. Carmen Marc Valvo® Skirted Bottom with Retro Twist-Front Bandeau

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Price: $154.00 at victoriassecret.com
Perfect for: Bootilicious Babe!
I’m always so jealous of women with round bottoms, and men love curvy, bootilicious babes, too! But if you’re just a little uncomfortable with baring all at the beach, then this is the swimsuit for you! Leave the old-granny skirted suit and the sarong at home, and show off those curves in this two piece. So sexy!

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