7 Obsolete Technologies ...


When I was a teenager, we had one land line with an answering machine. No-one we knew had a computer at home, and certainly no-one had a cell phone. You didn’t just rent VHS tapes at Blockbuster, either — most people had to rent the VCR, too. In fact, some videos were on BETA, not VHS. My how technology has changed in the last 20 years! Here’s a flashback, with my top seven obsolete technologies, just from my own era. Enjoy!

1. Home Phone Lines (aka “land Lines”) and Answering Machines

Home Phone Lines (aka “land Lines”) and Answering Machines

Photo Credit: Natxo 68

In this day and age, nearly everyone, including 9-year-olds, has a cell phone. And no-one uses dial-up Internet anymore, so why keep the extra expense of a land-line telephone? Disconnecting your land line will also guarantee you won’t get telemarketers calling and interrupting your dinner with credit card offers or the like. Get rid of it!

VHS Tapes
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