7 Best Things about Facebook ...


7 Best Things about Facebook ...
7 Best Things about Facebook ...

I have very little extra time, but the time I do have I tend to find myself spending it on Facebook. When I first joined, I found myself sucked into this social networking site every free moment I could find. Since the newness has worn off, I’m able to better manage my time spent on Facebook and I greatly enjoy all it has to offer. Here are what I feel to be the 7 best things about Facebook.

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It’s Easy to Navigate

It’s Easy to Navigate Photo Credit: pshab

I’ve come across many websites that leave me sitting there with my hand on the mouse, wondering where to go. If I end up getting severely frustrated, I quickly exit the site. Facebook is extremely easy to get around on and I never once was confused about how to find something I was looking for.


I Can Keep in Touch with All My Friends

I Can Keep in Touch with All My Friends Photo Credit: @superamit

I have friends in other states and don’t always get a chance to call them to catch up on past events. Thanks to Facebook, I don’t have to spend money on a phone call. I can go online at anytime of the day and peruse through friends’ photo albums and see what their wall posts say. I can easily send them a message, even just to say a quick ‘hello’.


Sharing Photos between Friends and Family is a Painless Process

Sharing Photos between Friends and Family is a Painless Process Photo Credit: 55 Hi's

Making albums and sharing them with everyone takes just a few minutes of my time. Browsing for pictures that I’ve downloaded on my computer and then putting these photos in an album involves a few clicks of the mouse. I can delete these albums at any time or add more pictures into an existing album with little difficulty.


The Pages Load Quickly

The Pages Load Quickly Photo Credit: Laughing Squid

Since there isn’t a ton of graphics on each page, there’s no reason for pages to take a long time to load. Navigating between each friend’s page and my own doesn’t take a lot of time, due to the fast loading capability. The speedy page loading allows me to take a look at many pages very quickly, which is perfect when I’m pressed for time.


Making Changes to My Page Doesn’t Require an Entire Day

Making Changes to My Page Doesn’t Require an Entire Day Photo Credit: LocalGoogleGuru

Each little box on Facebook gives me the option to edit information within the box. I like this feature because I don’t always have a lot of changes to make at once. Some sites make you scan through every bit of your personal information at once and it’s hard to catch all the changes that need to be made. I like having to only look at a few lines of information at a time and making changes only where they are needed.


I Can Instant Message Friends Who Are Online

I Can Instant Message Friends Who Are Online Photo Credit: DavidErickson

I know there are friends who don’t sign into chat each time they are on Facebook. I sometimes don’t have a lot of time to spend on Facebook, so I don’t sign into chat every time either. I do like having the option to send a quick message to friends who are on line and getting a response right away. A quick ‘how are you?’ is sometimes all that is needed.


There Are Plenty of Games to Help Pass the Time

There Are Plenty of Games to Help Pass the Time Photo Credit: Trucos Farmville

The games on Facebook can be very addicting. Even though many of them are silly and mindless, they are still able to suck you in the very first time you play them. These can be time-consuming, especially if you try to create characters on each game available on Facebook. I think it’s fun to see which of my friends play certain games as well!

This list of the 7 best things about Facebook are my own that I’ve come up with. I’m sure other people have a completely set of things they like about Facebook. I even have a couple of friends who refuse to sign up for a Facebook account. If you enjoy using Facebook, what do you think is the best part about this social networking site?

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Excellent points. I think the cluttered mess of Myspace helped in its fall to Facebook.

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