5 Reasons Not to Date Online ...

In the year 1999, online dating had major stigma **attached to it and was considered something people with no social life HAD to do. Fast Forward to 2009 and the online dating world is now a $300 million a year industry. Those that online date swear by it – and of course there are those exceptions of successful relationships – but, in a city like New York, where **being single is actually “cool,” meeting people is really not as difficult as one may think, and being a fabulous female lessens the fear of rejection, I am still not yet totally convinced online dating is the way to go****…
**#1: Living **
There is no replacement for living your life. If you restrict yourself to the bars and clubs for meeting people, of course it may be tough! Try keeping busy living your life and you’ll be surprised how many great people you will meet along the way… join a kickball team, take a class, or join a volunteer organization.

2. : Sex

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Online dating makes it that much easier for guys to have sex with women. Women already feel closer to men by reading their profiles and chatting/emailing before the first date. So, upon actually meeting, it mentally feels like the second or third date and the girl is that much more willing to enter into something physical.

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