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5 Ex Situations You Could Be in ...

By Meream

1 Working Together with Your Ex

If the relationship was mature and ended in a friendship, I guess working together with an ex is all right. Cameron and Justin don't find it weird. Would you?

2 when Your Ex Plans to do Something Ex-Plosive

Explosive as in releasing a sex tape! The sex tape is not of you and the ex (thank goodness) but there might be some juicy mentions of you. How would you feel?

3 when an Ex Will Live off Your Earnings

Well, divorces are expensive that way. It's a shame that James Van Der Beek and his wife had to split. They were cute together.


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4 How to Tell You're Not over Your Ex

Telltale signs are checking his Facebook account frequently and planning your hookups in a certain way that would increase the likelihood of you meeting him. And making him jealous. Ha!

5 a Complicated Ex Situation

What could be more complicated than Kevin Federline's ex situation? Two ex-wives plus kids. Plus the fact that they are in the limelight. I would not want to be him.
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