1. Drink Water

Drink Water

Water is the fluid in charge of moving everything through your body; good stuff and bad stuff. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. These glasses only have to be an 8 ounce glass, not a giant 32 ounce water bottle. If you can pull that off, then great, but I guarantee you will be spending most of your day running back and forth from the restroom.

The body can only absorb a small amount of water each time, about a quarter cup an hour, so chugging tons will only make you go to the bathroom more. So cut down on the soda, stick to 6 glasses of water and lose weight!

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Hopefully at least some of these ways to prevent obesity will be helpful to you or someone you know. It can be hard to get started towards living a healthier lifestyle, but it's not impossible. Even if only small changes are made here and there, you will see a difference. Do you know of any other ways to prevent obesity?

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