11 Facts about Good Fats

Dr. Sofiya

11 Facts about Good Fats
11 Facts about Good Fats

You might have heard something about good fats we should eat, but I am more than sure that you've heard 10 times more about low fat products, low cholesterol products and reduced calorie diets.

In theory, if you reduce (or eliminate) your intake of fat, you should lose weight right? But has it worked for you? And most importantly, do you think it's healthy? I can assure you that it isn't! Your body needs good fats, and here's why:

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Your body uses fat as fuel to produce energy.


Your body needs cholesterol to produce almost all of your hormones, to protect blood vessels from damage and to repair them when damaged.


Your body will not be able to absorb fat soluble vitamins, if you are not consuming enough fat.


Contrary to popular belief, your body does not convert fat from food into fat tissue. Infact, your body can only convert carbs from your food into fat tissue.


Foods that are high in cholesterol and fat do not affect the cholesterol in your blood. Once again, carbs are to be blamed for that.


People who follow a fat free diet for a long period of time end up suffering from dry skin, dry hair, hair loss, low energy, feeling constant chills and joint pain. Often their blood cholesterol level rises to such an extent that medication is needed to keep it under control.

Needless to say, a fat-free diet is far from a healthy diet. What you need to do instead is eliminate the bad fats and consume the good fats.

Also, combining these good fats with the right food groups is an important part.
Here are a few pointers:


Proteins with fats are a really good and healthy combination. So load up on those eggs (whole not just egg whites), fish, turkey, chicken and beef!

Make sure the eggs are organic as they have the correct ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. and make sure that the poultry and beef are free range, raised without antibiotics and sans hormones administration. By the way, lamb is your best bet as far as these points go.
# 8
On the other hand, carbs and fats are the worst combination you can have. This is what makes you gain weight, raises your cholesterol levels, causes arteriosclerosis, heart diseases and diabetes (Ouch!). So try and avoid ice-creams and rich pastries like doughnuts which contain fat, white flour and a variety of confectionary sugars or glazing. I know, I feel as much pain as you do.
# 9
Olive oil (which is ofcourse a good fat) is great for salads or as a dressing combination with herbs, vinegar and spices, is one of the best fats one can find. Unfortunately, olive oil and other vegetable oils aren’t the best for cooking. They aren’t heat tolerant and start to oxidize quickly producing a lot of carcinogens. So make sure you use it in salads only.
# 10
Your best bet for completely safe and good cooking oil is coconut oil, provided it is organic and extra virgin. That assures that it does not contain any hydrogenated fatty acids. Coconut oil is also highly heat resistant and will only oxidize at temperatures above 198 °C. The best part is that coconut oil contains fewer calories compared to other fats because of the MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) in them.

I found Jarrow Formulas extra virgin coconut oil with some rave reviews. Check it out!
# 11
Essential fatty acids or EFAs are well…essential for your body! These are also the good fats your body needs. They are important for the normal functioning of the immune system, brain, heart, lungs, liver as well as for your bones, skin, hair and nails.

To make sure that you get an adequate supply of these Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, I’d recommend Yes EFAs from Yes Supplements I know a lot of you are wondering, why not just stick to fish oils from your local pharmacy store? Well, these are not quite as high in Omega 6 and are highly processed so your body can’t attract oxygen to your cells which essentially is the main purpose of EFAs.

While there, please don't forget to use my reference code # 74847 for a discount!

So there you go, the right kind of diet simply must include good fats. It's a combination of high-fiber, coconut oil, coconut products and EFAs. Start eating good fats, follow these tips and you will see a remarkable effect on your weight, your health and your looks in no time!

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I will now start looking at carbs and thinking, "You evil, evil thing." Haha

for EFA's, does liver oil work?

I still think "moderation" is the key to everything. Too much of anything is not good for anyone. I think there needs to be a good balance for everything for function well. So cookies and donuts and bad fats should be OK in MODERATION, as well. Staying active also helps!! Being informed is a plus! Thanks for the update.

This was a very helpful post. We must tell the difference between the good and the bad fats :)

Sheila, They taste good because they're so bad!! Ehhh!

thanks for the info, very interesting!

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