8 Ways to Get over Your TV Addiction…


The television can be a wondrous piece of technology or a treacherous one. I’ve found that too much TV tends to make me miss out on a lot of things. It also keeps me sitting in the same spot for hours on end, thus decreasing the amount of physical activity I get. If you find yourself constantly in front of the television and can’t seem to get anything else accomplished, then you might be addicted to it. Here are 8 ways to get over your TV addiction.

8. Make a Schedule of Television Shows You Really Want to See

Write down a weekly schedule of your favorite shows. If you like just about everything on TV, then try to whittle the schedule down to two or three shows each day. You can make this schedule shorter as time goes on. Try to watch only the shows you have written down on your television. Maybe you could put a lamp next to the television and place it on a timer so that the light will turn on when it’s time to watch TV. This will keep you from constantly looking at your watch and waiting for your favorite shows to start.

Go for a Walk
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