7 Signs You Are with a Mama's Boy ...


I’ve never been able to successfully settle down with a guy who was considered to be a Mama’s Boy.

The men I knew who fell under this title were very hard to deal with.

I found them each extremely irritating and often in more ways than one.

Here are 7 signs you are with a Mama’s Boy.

I’m not saying you should run in the other direction, but it is good to know what you have in store for you.

7. He is Always out Looking for Something for His Mom when You Two Go Shopping

Talk about annoying.

Here’s the scenario: You’re out shopping with your man and he constantly comments on how particular items would be perfect for his mom.

He does this in every store and with just about everything he sees.

I understand if he’s trying to drop the hint that mom’s birthday is coming soon and he needs to buy her a gift.

But, each time you go shopping?

6. When You Two Fight, He Runs to Mom

Not to be stereotypical, but it’s usually the woman who heads home or to a friend’s house when a love spat ensues.

You might have a Mama’s Boy on your hands if your guy is always running to his mom when things don’t go his way.

I have a friend whose ex-husband did this constantly.

He would not only run to his mom when things weren’t the way he though they should be, but he would threaten to tell his mom when my friend did something that made him angry.

5. He Does Everything She Tells Him to do

If your guy isn’t capable of thinking for himself and he has to rely on his mother to tell him every move to make, then this could be a sign that he’s a true Mama’s Boy.

Some mothers try to talk their son’s into doing things that they approve of and I know guys who feel obligatory to do whatever their mother tells them.

However, there comes a time when a man should act like an adult and have a mind of his own.

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