10 Things That Cause Premature Skin Aging ...


Aging, every woman’s worst nightmare...

we try to fight them away withanti aging products and facial exercises.

But maybe, just maybe, your lifestyle is what is making you wrinkle.

These are the top ten things that cause your skin to age prematurely.

At the age of 20, I’m already cutting these things out before I wrinkle!

1. Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

Photo Credit: suesue2

At the end of winter I will admit that I have indulged in the feeling of the warm spring sun on my face.

Who hasn’t?

Well, that causes your face to wrinkle so watch out!2

Don’t cut the sunshine out completely but next time put on a good sunscreen or sport that beautiful sun hat you just bought.

Everything is good in moderation,so don’t overdo the sunshine!

2. Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions

Photo Credit: xDare2Dreamx

How many times do you remember your parents saying, "Cut that out or your face will freeze that way!" Well, your parents weren't exactly lying.

Every time you move that beautiful face, your skin wrinkles a little bit.

Most of the time your face bounces back and those little wrinkles disappear once new skin cells grow.

Just watch out with the facial exercises, you don’t want to mark up that beautiful mug for a funny face!

3. Smoking


Photo Credit: Richard-

Yes, we all know smoking affects your beauty.

Not only does this dirty little habit make you ill and make your teeth yellow, now we find out it makes you look older too!2

It’s an easy enough fix though, try and cut back on the packs.

We know it’s difficult but are cigarettes really not being able to put your best face forward?

I think not.

4. Sleep


Photo Credit: princessjanke

I know this one sounds a little weird, but really I mean it.2

We usually dive into our pillows head first after a long day.

But, if you sleep in the same position too much, your face will wrinkle that way.

So, avoid sleeping on your face and try laying out on your back to slow skin aging.

After all, the only thing wrinkles look cute on are Shar Peis.

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