14 Telltale Signs That He's Crushing on You ...


There are so many ways to tell if your crush is crushing on you back!

Guys like to think that they're being subtle when it comes to girls but we all know they're the worst at that!


Here are some telltale signs that he's totally got a crush on you:

1. You Run into Him Everywhere

I mean, everywhere.

Outside your class after English Comp.

At the grocery store.

At the coffee shop.

At Home Depot.

At the mall, where you work.

If you’re seeing him everywhere, he may be trying to make YOU notice HIM.

Yup, he's got a crush.

Smile a little.

It will drive him crazy.

2. He Makes Sweet Gestures

Little gestures can mean a whole lot.

If he's leaving you notes on the windshield wiper of your car, meeting you at your locker after class, or just trying his best not to be nervous around you, yeah, he likes you.

3. You Catch His Eye — a Lot

This means he’s looking at you a lot.

The next time you catch him looking, smile.2

He’ll probably either smile back, or blush a little because he got caught.

4. He Compliments You — a Lot

He tells you that you have the prettiest smile, the shiniest hair, the nicest smile, he loves that skirt.

If he pays you a lot of sincere compliments, that’s another sign he likes you.

5. His Friends Know Your Name

If his friends all know your name, that means he’s been talking about you, especially if his friends aren’t in your own circle of friends.

If he’s talking to his friends about you, he almost certainly likes you.

6. He Asks Questions

He wants to know your opinion, your likes, your dislikes.

If he asks a lot of questions, rather than just talking about himself, that means he wants to get to know you better and that he likes you.

He Remembers Details
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