10 Reasons Why Being a Woman is Great ...


I’m going to skip my usual, mile long introductions today and just say that the point of this post today is to remind ourselves why it’s so great to be a female.

The world would be a much more hairy and, I dare say, less populated place, if there was no women, right?

So here’s some reasons why it’s feels so great to be us:

1. You Are Allowed to Cry

You can cry when you’re happy, you can cry when you’re sad and even cry when there is absolutely no reason to do so.

And nobody will call you a sissy because of it!2

There is no social or traditional norm that says we can’t cry our hearts out but there’s not a single one that says we must cry either.

So, I guess we have a freedom of choice, don’t we?

2. We Can’t Get Lost

Actually, we can, but even if that happens there’s a 99% chance we won’t spend a lot of time being lost.


Because we won’t drive around in circles asking ourselves how could that happen and trying to persuade people in the car that “we know the road” and that “this house only looks like the one we passed by 30 minutes ago”.2

We will stop and ASK for directions.

3. You Create Life

Yes, there is a lot of pain involved in it and you do feel sick enough to think, “Oh, God, maybe this was not such a good idea after all” but the moment it’s all over and you get to see your baby, everything makes sense.

YOU did it!

You couldn’t do it on your own (yes, men, we DO appreciate your contribution, don’t worry), but you can still rightfully take the credits for 98% of the job done.

If the kid is doing good at school you can always say, “Well, of course, that’s my child!” and, if things aren’t going so great you can always send him to the PTA meeting with the words, “That’s your child, too!”

You Don’t Have to Look Bad
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