Zip It Top 10 Things That You Shouldnt Say to Him


Zip It Top 10 Things That You Shouldnt Say to Him
Zip It Top 10 Things That You Shouldnt Say to Him

For women, there are unwritten rules about the top things that men should never say to us or all hell will break loose.

I think that it’s only fair for us girls to know the top 10 things that men should NOT hear coming from us otherwise, we’ll end up gobbling up a pint of chocolate ice cream and mending a broken heart.

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21 Questions While Watching an Actual Game

As much as we are passionate about clothes, accessories, shoes and bags and men have no idea why we’re obsessed with it, the same thing goes for them. Sports is something that they’re all crazy about. So when watching a SuperBowl game with your hubby or boyfriend, don’t go into 21 questions mode just keep silent even when you have no clue what’s going on.


“It’s Just a Game!”

See entry number 10. =)


“We Need to Talk.”

For them, this sounds like a threat and immediately puts them in defensive mode. Try something more subtle, like “Honey, did you “ This way, the approach will be more direct, you won’t sound like you’re looking for a fight and you won’t have him running out of your apartment faster than a speeding bullet.


“Nothing’s Wrong.”

I’m writing this with a big sigh men are not mind readers and even we’re boiling up about something they did that’s so obviously wrong they’re always clueless about it. So instead of giving them the look and telling them that nothing’s wrong when something obviously upsets you just tell them straight out. Don’t make ‘em guess either, his answer will just worsen things.


“Size Doesn’t Matter.”

No matter how well endowed your man is to your eyes at least, telling him that size doesn’t matter will make him feel like he doesn’t ‘measure up’. It’s better to not say anything.


“Which Outfit do You like Better?”

As long as you end up looking great in his eyes, getting into a fight about his answer to this question is pointless. Ask a girlfriend instead they’re more likely to come up with a more respectable answer.


“Let’s Just Be Friends.”

If you’re still in the dating scene, telling a guy that you want to be friends would give him false hopes so this line is a no-no.


“I Know, I Sound like My Mom.”

Just the thought that we’d end up looking like our moms (no matter how pretty she is) would give a man the creeps. So don’t tell your man that you sound like your mom while you’re squabbling over something even if you do sound like her.


“do You Think She’s Pretty?”

If you’re feeling insecure when he as much as looks in the way of a hot, younger woman with big boobs don’t ask him this question. You won’t like both answers anyway. If he tells you that ‘you’re the only pretty woman in my eyes’ or some stock response, you’ll just think that he’s lying and still feel insecure anyway.

On the other hand, if he admits that she’s hot (which he probably will not) you’re all getting all worked up now, right? So the moral lesson? Don’t ask the question! Just pretend that he did not peek at the tramp!


“That’s Cute,” or “You’re Cute!”

Research shows that if there’s one thing that men hate: it’s the word cute. You can call a puppy that he gives you as a gift as cute. But don’t ever, ever tell him that he’s cute. Or the baseball uniform of his favorite team is cute. Or that his sports hero is cute.

Saying these things to your man is bound to drive him nuts so just zip it!

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This was amusing. I also have to agree with the one about 'size doesn't matter', and the 'you're cute' one. That is so true!! Thank You for this post :)

Lol! Orion, that should be added to the list:))))

For a new relationship, while he's watching a live game, do not come out from a different room wearing a bridal gown and say 'I want to have your baby and we must marry soon'.

tania Isn't it funny?!! I have a lot of ideas how to make guys cringe!

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