5 Don'ts when Girl Talking ...


By Serita Wesley
**1) Don't brag: **

When it comes to being in a truly great relationship, one thing you should never have to do is boast about how great your man is to make other women feel inferior. It only makes other women think you are over exaggerating or not telling the truth at all.

2) Don't trash talk:

**** We all need someone to vent to about our problems, but you should see a therapist instead. Trashing your man to your friends will only make them hate him and nothing you do after will be able to change their minds. Not only that, trashing your friend's man to her face is never a good idea as well, it will make your friendship tense and your friend will never come to you for advice again.

3) Don't give relationship advice when you were not asked:

When you have experienced a similar relationship situation that a friend of yours is asking for advice on, give it. But make sure that they don't feel pressured to handle things exactly like you and make sure that you were asked for the advice.

**4) Don't give too many details: **

When talking to your friends about sex try not to disclose too much private information about your man, think of him and how embarrassed he would be if he knew what you were saying behind his back.

Last but not least...

**5) Don't feel the need to talk: **

When other girls are discussing their relationships don't feel compelled to spill the beans, sometimes it is best to keep some elements of your relationship between the two of you.


So everyone knows that as women we love to talk about love and our relationships amongst other women, hence this blog, lol. However, when is divulging too much going too far? What would your boyfriend or husband think if he knew what you were sharing? Do men share the same types of relationship tidbits with their peers?

Just having came from an office where I worked 10 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 years with nothing but women, I am very familiar with the idea of trading relationship storieswith my office girlfriends. There have been a few occasions where this harmless sharing has gotten a little out of control though.

The girls would share sex stories, ones that a man might consider embarrassing or a little too personal, and stories about fights or arguments they have had with their guys, that would of course make us immediately take the woman's side. I'm not saying that I am innocent in this, because I haveshared my infatuation with certain body parts on my boyfriend with the girls, but then after the laughter filled talks, I always feel a little bad. I sit at my desk quietly and think to myself, "oh

God forbid my boyfriend and I are at the office Christmas party and a drunk co-worker mentions my infatuation with his thighs." Well, I made it out of there with no incidents like that, but it makes me wonder, how much is too much? Do men do the same thing with their friends? Why do we, as women feel the need to do this?

I would love to hear from the ladies out there. :)

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