Don't Say It Top Ten Lines a Woman Should Never Hear from You ...


Don't Say It Top Ten Lines a Woman Should Never Hear from You ...
Don't Say It Top Ten Lines a Woman Should Never Hear from You ...

I remember this one episode in the ABC series “Lost”. Sawyer, the character played by Josh Holloway was teaching Jin (played by Jin-Soo Kwon) English because he’s Korean and he does not speak the language.

Sawyer taught Jin the words “**You’re right. I’m Sorry.**” And something like “**Those jeans don’t make you look fat**”. Josh’ character said that these are the only two English phrases that he needs to learn to get to a woman’s good graces.

The truth is that in the ever-complicated world of the man-woman relationship, there are a few ‘unwritten’ rules **which need to be followed. Men should learn that when **they say the absolute wrong thing, they may just find themselves sleeping on the couch.

Here’s a list of the top ten lines that a man should never say to a woman:

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“What Did You do to Your Hair?”

“What Did You do to Your Hair?” This is a statement which just goes to show how clueless some men are sometimes. Even if a new hairstyle or haircut does not particularly flatter us, we just want you to notice that we’ve gone to a lot of trouble for that new hairstyle. A stylist did it, it was expensive, and we felt great leaving the salon. Just tell us that you like our new haircut. End of story.


“They Both Look the Same to Me.”

Okay, it is a fact that women are more obsessive than men when it comes to picking outfits, or silverware, or moving a piece of furniture from one side of the living room to another. You probably couldn’t care less - but we want you to have at least an input about what you think so that you would’ve contributed something.

Ecru and beige may look the same - but they’re not! Tell us what you think, and pick one. Even if we end up not following your advice anyway.

8. “Do you really need another pair of shoes?”
“They Both Look the Same to Me.” The same thing applies to bags **- or **clothes. It may seem like an obsession, but women need to look good and keep up with the latest trends. So just go with the flow even if you don’t understand the logic behind it - and never tell us that we don’t need a new pair of shoes.


“is It the Time of the Month?”

Emotional outbursts or not, it’s just plain rude for guys to immediately assume that just because a woman **is acting a certain way - that it’s the time of the month. PMS leads us to ache in certain places that men may not know about, or have food cravings - but **it’s not always the reason behind how we act.

6. “Do you really think you should be eating that?”
“is It the Time of the Month?” If you don’t want to get the “**I can’t believe you just said that**” stare, this is something that you should never say even when she’s gobbling up that pastry that she said she’ll never eat again.

5. “You’re acting just like....”
Telling us that we’re acting just like our mom, your mom or worse - your ex-girlfriend is definitely a No-No. Do you want us to think that we remind you of your ex, which you shouldn’t even mention in the first place? And telling us that we’re acting like your mom or our mom? That’s just wrong.

4. “You didn’t tell me that you have a cute/hot girlfriend.”
“is It the Time of the Month?” No matter how secure you think women are about themselves, it’s always shaken up by the time that you notice or mention in passing - even jokingly - how hot you think one of our friends are. We wouldn’t trust you to be around them, either.

**3. “It’s up to you.” **
Even when it seems to be a pretty insignificant matter -we want you involved in the decision making process. Telling us that it’s up to us just sends a message that you don’t care.

**2. “I love you.” **
These three big words should not be uttered during a fight - even if you look at the magic words as a last resort to end the discussion immediately and proceed to the make-up sex.



“Relax!” Even when you can clearly see that we’re freaking out about something, telling us to relax means that you think we’re being crazy and unreasonable. Even if we are -the** word “Relax” will just further stoke the fire of our anger** and -you see where I’m going with this? =)

If you want to keep your head out of the water - learning about these 10 lines that you should never say to your wife or girlfriend will help tilt the odds in your favor.

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#2 is completely wrong, women always say ' i love you' in a argument, over and over again #3 - what do you expect, men don't give a shit about half of the crap women do, of course we are going to say its up to you and we don't care. Women need to make their mind up, you don't like liars? but when men tell you the truth and say they don't give a shit you don't like that either? take your pick, honest man or liar?

I think this list ROCKS!!! Max are you a man or a woman? Not sure I quiet understand you................????

Thats a pathetic list!You sound like a wealthy spoiled brat! Worse like a spoiled bratty teenager! Tell you what ... Don't complain when men annoy you or upset you or just freak you out! Coz thats what you did in your list! Use your common sense.That shall give you more insight into what women like rather than these lame tips!

Max, you are wrong! You should better listen to these tips and try to undestand us - but not to say - oh!! how can you ask us not to say these words, you're spoiled - It's women's opinion - and if you are too lazy to make your woman happy with you - I just can feel sorry for you!

Oh... If all men would read this article it would well :-)

Dear Xena, The things we say to men might be hurtful too, but I think there are some words that should be avoided when talking to women and there are some words that are particularly unpleasant for men, and it's always better not to step on the toes of the person you love, right?

Hi, These tips are no Kama-Sutra! Understanding?lol... thats hilarious!Men have never understood women since the Adam age!and vice-versa! These tips wont help any one!Deal with the real issues with "real" brain thats "your" brain!say what you think is right and Do what you think is right ... coz thats how the world works! Ten lines women should never hear from you?I wonder how many lines should a guy never want to hear from a woman! To James : I agree with you P.S ... thats close to what I meant earlier!

"John knew how to stroke it."

The guy who picks you up for a date and says, "Wow, I liked your hair better before." Date Over.

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