Don't Say It! Top Ten Lines a Woman Should Never Hear from You ...

I remember this one episode in the ABC series “Lost”. Sawyer, the character played by Josh Holloway was teaching Jin (played by Jin-Soo Kwon) English because he’s Korean and he does not speak the language.

Sawyer taught Jin the words “**You’re right. I’m Sorry.**” And something like “**Those jeans don’t make you look fat**”. Josh’ character said that these are the only two English phrases that he needs to learn to get to a woman’s good graces.

The truth is that in the ever-complicated world of the man-woman relationship, there are a few ‘unwritten’ rules **which need to be followed. Men should learn that when **they say the absolute wrong thing, they may just find themselves sleeping on the couch.

Here’s a list of the top ten lines that a man should never say to a woman:

10. “What Did You do to Your Hair?”

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This is a statement which just goes to show how clueless some men are sometimes. Even if a new hairstyle or haircut does not particularly flatter us, we just want you to notice that we’ve gone to a lot of trouble for that new hairstyle. A stylist did it, it was expensive, and we felt great leaving the salon. Just tell us that you like our new haircut. End of story.

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