Top 10 Highlights from LA Fashion Week ...


Top 10 Highlights from LA Fashion Week ...
Top 10 Highlights from LA Fashion Week ...

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Yep, we're still recovering from the frenzy that was LA Fashion Week last week, but while we're reviewing our notes on each of the remaining fashion shows from the week, here are the Top 10 Highlights that otherwise wouldn't have made it into the runway reviews, sponsored by Max Factor:

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Anand Jon not even showing his collection because he was arrested in LA the week before. Classy


Creepiness in Joseph Domingo (eyeless models) and Imitation of Christ (bones on the runway)


Joseph Domingo is a high-end fashion designer based in Los Angeles. His eyeless models have been a highlight of LA Fashion Week for the past two years. His designs often feature a combination of classic and modern elements, with a focus on unique silhouettes. Imitation of Christ is a contemporary brand that focuses on creating pieces that explore the idea of death and mortality. They have been known to feature bones in their designs, which has been a controversial yet eye-catching element of their collections. This year, both Joseph Domingo and Imitation of Christ showcased their latest collections at LA Fashion Week, and were praised for their creativity and innovation.


The very hot 2(x)ist show. Yeah, just the show. Okay, maybe just the male models in underwear


Carmen Electra et al slipping on the runway at the Max Factor event, recovering gracefully, and the producer finally realizing that going barefoot in evening gowns is still glamorous


Strip tease by Forty Deuce dancer at the Dina Bar-El Show


Danica McKellar, a.k.a. Wonder Years Winnie Cooper, looking like a glamour girl at Dina Bar-El


Paris Hilton Actually Looking Fat on the Runway at 2BFree Next to the Real Models


Jenna Jameson Showing up to Every. Single. Show


Jenna Jameson Perpetrating Posh Spice with Her New Haircut

And the **Number One Highlight **from LA Fashion Week that will not be forgotten by myself or the security department at Smashbox Studios is...


Janice Dickinson's questionable antics at the Ed Hardy Fall 2007 runway show that got her banned from all -- I repeat "all" -- future Fashion Weeks

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