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Nicole Richie

Katherine Heigl

Reese Witherspoon (Via blogger.com)

Who cares about the time honored tradition "thou shalt not wear white before labor day" (or is it after?). I will be the first to admit that I am not a big fan of the whole white jeans look...it reminds me too much of middle school and is just way too risky when Aunt Dot comes to visit, if you know what I mean.

However, there is nothing more polished than a crisp white dress and nothing more stand out and feminine than a snazzy white suit. But you have to know how to rock it.

Nicole Richie pairs her formal white dress with a pair of equally formal red satin heels for the perfect balance of trendy and classy. White or black shoes just wouldn't have worked here, and metallics are SO 2006...love it.

Need a more casual look? I love what Reese Witherspoon did with her white eyelet dress...a sweet cardigan, flats and fun accessories make this a great look.

So, this spring, we recommend a basic white dress for any occasion (well, not any occasion, not at weddings, but that's obvious). Check out the Love in Numbers dress from Misile for a simple yet stylish piece that will flatter almost any figure.

Love in Numbers dress by Misile $180.00

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