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What's new this week at Life & Style? Does Brad really want Jen back? Get all the greatest goss inside!

What a difference a week will make...this weeks' hottest celeb trends feature lots of denim, white and yes, still knee high boots in the middle of spring. Big white bags, cinched waists and lots of layers are the hottest trends going right now.

Still not sure about what to wear for prom? Looking for a great formal look for your bridesmaids dresses? Whatever the occasion, sweetheart necklines are super cute right now! I absolutely love Nicole Richie's little white number...this is the perfect look to add a little oomph to a minimal bust, and speaking of...

Boobs are back in a big way! (Not that they ever really went anywhere...) Super model and super mom Heidi Klum knows the value of a good push up bra. Life & Style has the scoop on where to get the hottest new bras in colors and styles you will love.

Wanna steal your fave celebs style? Life & Style has some fabulous suggestions for dresses to fit any shape. Whether you are curvy like America Ferrera and Beyonce or petite like Vanessa Minillo, Life & Style has the perfect shopping guide to help you find a great spring dress.

One of the biggest trends going this spring is the infamous colored jeans. Not for the timid, anything goes with colored jeans from neon blue to white, red and everything in between. Though I wouldn't mind trying my hand at a red pair, I don't know if I would be so brave as V-Becks, or Mrs. Victoria Beckham, to you. Life & Style tells you where to find yourself a technicolor pair.

What better way to top off a pair of those bright jeans or to add sparkle to a white spring dress than a pair of cute flats! Life & Style has the latest info on the best selling flats this week and where to get them. Check out Life & Style for great fashion tips, celebrity news and more!

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