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By Wendy

Kirsten Dunst (Via

Jessica Simpson

Nicky Hilton and Hilary Duff (Via

I have some seriously mixed feelings about this new trend of jumper dresses...not that it's anything new. What was once a staple on the playground is now celebrity couture, and is reminiscent of last seasons' tube top/shorts jumper ensemble that everyone was wearing. What gives? How much longer can I stand it? Why must Hollywood fashionista's turn little girl togs into trends?

So here's the deal; my love hate relationship for jumpers runs deep. I love that they are so casual and cute; but I hate that they are so casual and cute. It seems odd how La Dunst and the Duff try to pair them with such frumpy shoes...I think that Nicky Hilton got it right in the shoe department. This look definitely calls for open toed shoes or sandals.

Which brings me to my other point; this is NOT a red carpet look. La Dunst and J. Simp do this look right by wearing them casually for fun in the sun and shopping sprees (although I think that we can all agree that Simpson could use a little more support...).

I love the giant buttons, I love the contrast piping, and I love the casual fun, but I think that I'm just sick of seeing these things dressed up already. Anyhow, tell us your thoughts on little girl style turned grown-up fashion pinafore dresses before this look is so last minute.

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