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By Wendy

Cameron Diaz

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It's no secret that most celebs have to work long and hard for their killer bods, and the fruits of their labor is on full display every summer. It's officially bathing suit season and as usual, everything goes from nautical stripes to colorful combinations and of course, the classic black bikini.

One of the best things about a swimsuit is that, if properly cared for, it can last for years and continue to be worn well beyond its first swimsuit season. Sure, you can go to a variety of stores and pick up a low quality swimsuit for under $50, but it may not have the kind of longevity you are looking for.

Geftaki Swimsuits are the perfect answer for anyone wanting to marry fashion with function in their swim wear. Totally unique, Geftaki uses hand embroidery, Swarovski crystals and a variety of other high quality embellishments to create to most artful and jaw dropping designs ever to grace the shore. Check them out today on LeFashionista for some great summer swim suit inspiration.

All Studded Up String Bikini in Fire Engine Red, $134

Black O-Ring Bikini with Swarovski Crystal Embellishment, $189

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